Election Results

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I have compiled and mapped election results for a number of geographies.  These files are available for free download; if used, please provide proper citations and credit.  File type help can be found at the bottom of this page.




California * Oklahoma * Oregon * Washington



November 6, 2018

General election.



·         County-level results for all statewide partisan contests

·         District-level results for the US House and state legislatures

·         Statewide totals

·         All 50 states, DC, and permanently-populated US territories (American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands) are included



·         Precinct-level results for all statewide races



January 2018

Special election in Oregon.


November 2016

General election.  Precinct-level results available for these states:
California (President)
Oklahoma (President)
Oregon (all statewide races)
Washington (President and US Senate)


File Type Help

The .geojson, .kmz, and .shp files download as .zip files; unpack them to use them.

Precinct result maps are available in .kmz (Google Earth) format.  These files can be opened with the free programs Google Earth and ArcGIS Earth.

Precinct result maps are also available in .geojson format.  This format can be opened with ESRI's ArcGIS products and is often used in web mapping applications.

Shapefiles contain the full resolution precinct boundaries.  They can be opened with QGIS (free) and with ESRI's ArcGIS products.

The Excel file contains precinct results in spreadsheet form.  It can be opened with Microsoft Excel, Open Office (free), or Google Docs (free).

Metadata is provided in .pdf format.  Adobe Acrobat is typically used to open these files.  Most computers already have the free Acrobat Reader installed.