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Identifying Regional Centers in Washington County, Oregon (2011)

Metro, the regional planning agency for the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, has designated specific locations as centers for higher-density development and growth.  In my Master's thesis I use GIS analysis to track changes in variables such as land value and public transportation density over time in order to locate potential centers.  I then visit these locations first-hand to make a subjective decision as to whether or not Metro's designated centers are actually developing as intended.

You can view the entire thesis online at Portland State University's digital repository by clicking on the link provided above.  The full document is in PDF format, and the webpage includes the official abstract.

Voting Precincts: 2016 (Oregon and Washington)
I compiled precinct-level results for the November 2016 election for Oregon and Washington!  Click here for more information!

Voting Precincts: 2012 (Oregon)
I've moved the Oregon precinct data from 2012 to its own page - click here for more information!

United States Presidential Election Results by County






If you do not have a program capable of reading shapefiles, ESRI offers a limited functionality version of its GIS suite called ArcReader for free, available here.  Metadata is viewable in ArcCatalog.

Presidential election results are presented here by county for 2000-2012 elections in Excel spreadsheet and GIS shapefile formats.  Shapefiles are zipped (.zip).  To access the files click on the links provided above.  Please provide credit if you use the work as a source.

2012's Excel file includes results for all candidates.  The shapefile combines all third parties and independents into one field.

Of note is Alaska; state results are not broken down by borough, and electoral precincts cross borough lines which makes it impossible for a fully accurate borough-by-borough breakdown.  They do, however, report results by state legislative district.  These results are included in the files above.

If you notice any errors or have concerns about the data send an e-mail to kvrGIS at gmail dot com (the address is spelled out to prevent spam).  Please be as specific as possible.

*Some state results for the year 2000 were accessed from http://www.american.edu/spa/ccps/Data-Sets.cfm.  The site provides some additional information including matches to racial data, along with some data for wards, precincts, and other offices.  The official citation for that data is as follows: David Lublin and D. Stephen Voss. 2001. "Federal Elections Project." American University, Washington, DC and the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.