GIS and Data Experience


  • M.S.: Geography (Portland State University, 2011)

  • GIS Certificate (Portland State University, 2011)

  • Alteryx Foundational Micro-Credential (Valid 2022-2024)


I have been using ESRI's ArcGIS products for over ten years, but I have also encountered numerous other programs during my studies and professional work. Some, like Alteryx, became a normal part of my workflow, while I used others on a more limited basis for specific projects or tasks.

In addition to ArcGIS and Alteryx, I have varying levels of experience with the following:

  • GeoDa

  • Idrisi

  • Microsoft Access

  • Python

  • QGIS

  • SQL

  • Tableau

  • Trimble


In 2019 I helped with the Census Bureau's Count Review Operation, partially at their headquarters in Washington DC, ensuring they had accurate and complete housing and residential address information for Oregon.

Most projects I've worked on involved Census data in some way - population estimates and forecasts, redistricting, and voting analysis being the chief examples. You can find links to testimony about Census data that I've given to the Oregon Legislature on my redistricting page.


Vital statistics, which refers to confidential data recording peoples' births and deaths, are a critical component in population forecasting. At the Population Research Center I managed our vital statistics geodatabase, standardizing, geocoding, and safekeeping the data.


In addition to Census data, nearly all projects I've worked on involved some form of cartography.

While at the Oregon Legislature, I created both static and online maps of proposed and newly adopted Congressional and legislative districts. I created a wide variety of thematic maps for numerous reports at the Population Research Center (PRC), covering demographic, transportation, urban/rural, and voting topics. To the right is a legend and sample map I included with an Oregon-wide atlas used for reference purposes at the PRC. And on this website's Elections and Voting page, you can find downloadable maps of election results, usable in Google Earth and other GIS software.


For more information, feel free to check out the other pages on my website. The Elections and Voting page has election results data, the Redistricting page includes information about official redistricting projects I have participated in, and the Planning page covers some of my planning-related activity.