In 2021, I was a GIS Analyst at the Oregon Legislature’s nonpartisan Legislative Policy and Research Office (LPRO).  I gave presentations to both the House and Senate Redistricting Committees on numerous occasions, educating legislators and the general public about Census data, Oregon's human and physical geography, and Esri's redistricting software.  I produced software training documents and videos, along with numerous maps throughout the redistricting process, and I attended all committee hearings.

(Note: LPRO did not draw Oregon’s district boundaries nor generate proposals; please contact your representatives with any concerns regarding the lines.  The official redistricting site can be found here.)

In addition to the legislature, I have worked on redistricting projects for local agencies at both Portland State University and FLO Analytics, including city councils and community college boards.


I wrote two training documents for the ESRI redistricting software used by the Oregon legislature.  The first was an introductory training document (downloadable here), while the second covered more advanced concepts.

The software is no longer available through the legislature's site, but I've included these training materials here as examples of my work.

One of the training videos I produced is shown above, covering the basics of how to draw a district in the software.


Presentations I gave to the legislature are listed below by committee.  The linked pages have official agendas, downloads of those presentations, and video recordings of the proceedings.

House Special Committee On Redistricting

Senate Committee On Redistricting

Joint hearings of the above Committees

April 30, 2021: Using Non-Census Data to Prepare for Redistricting (House page / Senate page)

May 13, 2021: ESRI Software and Training Materials Overview (House page / Senate page)

Joint hearing of the House Interim Committee On Redistricting and Senate Interim Committee On Redistricting

August 18, 2021: Redistricting Application Training and Census Data Overview (House page / Senate page)


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